Gorilla Glass 6 announced, coming in the “next few months”

Gorilla Glass 5 has comprised mobile device screens and smartphone rear panels for over two years. The product has given hundreds of millions of device owners the latest protection against accidental drops, scratches and dangers of the environment. Following a good run of Gorilla Glass 5, Corning announced in full detail what Gorilla Glass 6 is all about.

Gorilla Glass 6 has been in testing for a long time and has millions of dollars invested in it to give your next mobile device some added durability. Accidents happen and if you’re one who commonly drops your handset, consider one with Gorilla Glass 6. Now in production, Gorilla Glass 6 is not far off from being included on Android smartphones, tablets and devices of all kinds. While the protective glass won’t guarantee you any kind of performance because of all the ways your device can land, it will do a better job overall in surviving rough conditions that may come its way, and the durability of the glass will sustain over multiple drops throughout a longer period of time.

Corning claims that phones with the new cover glass have survived 15 drops as high as 1 meter (3.28 feet) onto rough surfaces. This is a much higher distance than the mark achieved by Gorilla Glass 4 and 5, bringing the distance up above the average pocket height. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s the best we’ve ever had according to Corning, who claims Gorilla Glass 6 offers “twice as much protection than its predecessor.” If this means less cracked screens from holding and dropping or when falling out my pocket, I’m happy to have it. Plus, Corning has said that the latest Gorilla Glass has been designed for increasingly popular modern phone designs (glass builds) so that it can be utilized well both on front and around back.

According to statistics, the average consumer drops his or her phone seven times per year mainly from a height of 1 meter or less. With Gorilla Glass 6 surpassing this barrier, we could see a difference this year. Corning believes it has found the best solution for handling multiple drops from the most common drop height. Manufacturers are testing the new Gorilla Glass as we speak and we can expect its arrival starting with high-end smartphones and moving down near the end of this year or “in the next few months.” More information including all the specifics can be read over at the source link below.

SOURCE [Corning]

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