Here’s what Android Messages could soon become

If you’re a user of the Android Messages service on Android, we have good news for you. A teardown on the latest APK file revealed the possibility of a web client coming soon, similar to that of which Allo and Hangouts have.

The rumored feature would allow one to text message from their desktop computer, just like Apple’s iMessage. As Android enthusiasts, we’ve been waiting for a true competitor to WhatsApp and iMessage for the longest time, but none of Google’s six dozen messenger clients have brought the functionality we’ve been looking for into a single service.

After many failed attempts by the search giant to carry out a successful messaging app launch for modern-day, its next move might be to turn an existing app in that of Android Messages into what we’ve always dreamed of. Google might not be looking for big success like it did for Allo and Duo, but rather adoption by certain niche markets.

According to Android Police, who conducted the app teardown, Google is trying to launch a web interface for Android Messages. This would entail advanced implementation of RCS for sharing high-resolution images over Wi-Fi and cellular with read receipts. As indicated by code, Google may also be looking into the ability to make payments through the service. All that’s left that we need is seamless syncing and the Google Assistant.

Keep in mind that although all this sounds good, a teardown is just parsing of code to see what’s inside and this doesn’t confirm anything. We could still be a ways away from anything happening, though this is something to keep an eye on as we approach Google I/O 2018 in May. We’ll keep you posted.

SOURCE [Android Police]

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