Huawei surpasses Apple to become the second largest global smartphone manufacturer

For years, Samsung has had Apple on its back when it comes to the smartphone brand race. However, the Cupertino company has officially fallen behind popular Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, as of July, who has been brilliant when it comes to selling in the premium mid-range space.

In 2016, Huawei’s goal was to surpass Apple and become the second largest smartphone brand worldwide. It didn’t quite work out that way, but the company made strides by closing the gap with the iPhone maker. The goal was then pushed to 2017, and Huawei seems to have eclipsed Apple as of July on the scale of overall smartphone sales share. It’s not quite a duopoly anymore.

Counterpoint Research determined that the change in position is attributed to continued slowing iPhone sales in large countries. Apple is expected to debut two, if not three new iPhone models later this month, which should help the company show some fight once the new phones arrive in markets. It’s the tenth anniversary of the iPhone this year and Apple has put in some extra work in celebration that could cause disruptions in the market during the upcoming months.

Another reason for the position change is Huawei’s continued growth. According to Counterpoint, Huawei experienced its best month of the year in smartphone sales in July, which helped them achieve their goal of surpassing Apple on the basis of global market share.

The two companies are neck and neck heading into the fall season, and will have their work cut out for the fall with upcoming device releases expected. Samsung, the current global leader, has been on a steady decline in market share ever since April, when Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ first hit the streets selling in record numbers. The South Korean manufacturer also has plans to release a new smartphone in stores this fall, the Galaxy Note 8, which will arrive in just over a week’s time. How the upcoming devices will fare against each other will determine who comes out on top next month, which will surely be an interesting battle to keep an eye on.

Considering Samsung’s substantial lead and the fact that many are interested in upgrading to Galaxy Note 8 (the successor to Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 5), the battle won’t be for first, but for second. Huawei, does, however, want to face off with Samsung, but this year may not have seen the last of Apple. Only time will tell.

SOURCE [Counterpoint Research]

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