Huawei’s AppGallery is going to more devices

Huawei is a formidable Chinese smartphone manufacturer who has been in the news quite a bit thus far in 2018. Earlier this week, the company made headlines again with some big news you may not have expected.

Like many of today’s top Android OEMs, Huawei has had an app store of its own that coexists with Google’s Play Store on some Huawei branded devices. However, up until now, availability has been limited to only Huawei device owners residing in China. Now, the app store known as AppGallery is going global. You’re about to start seeing a whole lot more of it, and perhaps this will help in keeping Huawei up there with the major players.

Huawei’s app store known as AppGallery is a family friendly market, according to the company. Huawei says is has only high rated content and apps that our fully optimized for supported Huawei devices, making for a great experience.

Starting with the Huawei P20 family, the company’s latest and greatest Android smartphone line, AppGallery will now come pre-loaded. It will also work for almost all buyers including those in China and newly supported regions, and will roll out to some older models beginning in Q2 of 2018. Owners of future Huawei devices are expected to get it as well, and some already released Huawei devices can gain access to the market now shall the owner sideload an APK file.

The mobile market only seems to work on some Android devices including various Huawei models. You’ll need a Huawei ID to download content, which you can easily create through many of Huawei’s mobile services. There isn’t all that much that separates the app apart from say Samsung’s Galaxy Apps, plus most content is curated for the Chinese market still. But over time, we expect this to change as developers hop on it and device support grows with the number of regions. More options are never really a bad thing for consumers, unless of course you can’t put up with having another bloat app on your mobile.

Personally, there’s not much that interests me from what I’ve seen so far, so I’ll stick to the more diverse Play Store library to find me more good apps. Do you think device owners need more than one app store? Drop a comment below.

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