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Droid Turf recently expanded to include a new community on social networking site Google+! Anyone can post in our community with a Google account set up with Google+. Posting categories include everything Google Android related, Apps, Games, Giveaways, Deals, and Tech Memes. There is also a category dedicated for selling tech products and asking questions. Tag a community moderator or contributor and they’ll try to assist you.


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Doug Demagistris is the Founder and current Editor In Chief of Droid Turf. He grew up in New York and now attends Muhlenberg college where he is studying Marketing. He has been and always will be a Google enthusiast thanks to Android’s customization, flat design and exceptional integration with Google Services. Currently, Doug switches between a Pixel XL and Galaxy Note 5 for their unique designs, powerful hardware, exceptional cameras, and useful features. For bigger experiences he'll take out his Nexus 9 tablet, and for shorter instances he'll glance at his Huawei Watch. Doug is hopeful his productivity will make lives easier, more meaningful and help down the road.