Leaked LG smartphone render impresses with sleek curves and almost zero bezel

As we were packing things up last week, a smartphone render leaked and was posted by a trusted source. That source believes that the render is of LG’s next flagship smartphone.

A render of the supposed upcoming high-end phone from LG is in the wild, and based on the looks of it, it seems like an improvement over predecessors in terms of design. While not a major deal-breaker for some, 2017 proved that a great number of people (myself included) now prefer phones with thin bezels, as it simply exudes a sleeker appeal.

In this regard, the leaked render does not disappoint sporting bezels far slimmer than those on the LG G6. The handset pictured is Black in color and gives off a minimal vibe with a super clean design of the newer 18:9 aspect ratio that’s taller and narrower. The front is the only angle we get a good look at, which possesses two cameras up top alongside a speaker grill that sits in the center. I can make out two other dots on the right side, which I assume are sensors of some kind, and the volume rocker (I think) occupies the left side of the phone.

The back of the phone is not shown, but given current trends, it will probably sport dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor similar to the LG V30. LG’s next flagship, which is expected to be re-branded as something other than ‘LG G7,’ could be powered by the latest Snapdragon 845. The handset may release with LG Pay (MST+NFC) in the US, though we still have no idea when the unveiling will even happen.

More renders will likely show themselves in the next few weeks as we approach an official announcement. There could be more variants of the phone, and a lot about it could still change, so take this with a grain of salt.

SOURCE [TigerMobiles.com]

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