Let Google Assistant handle your payments with built-in Google Pay

Google Assistant is incorporating new voice commands this week that link to Google Pay. This of course means you’ll be able to send money to a friend or whoever it may be, using only your voice over the assistant.

Google wants you to use mobile payment, and so an update has started rolling out in the US. However, at first, the payment functionality will only be available using the Google Assistant on mobile phones including both, those which run Android and those which run iOS. More regions will get the ability in time, as was the case when the Google Assistant and Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) first came out. Google Home and various Google Assistant devices like Smart Displays and more will gain the functionality at a later date, maybe in May. The isn’t completely new, since we have similar functionality for Google Express, but this will be accepted by a much larger population.

The feature allows users to send money when they want, to whomever they want, from wherever they want, almost instantly. You can request money from someone or send money yourself to a contact, whatever the occasion may be. Simply set up an authentication method like fingerprint or password, link your payment method(s) with Google Pay, give the Google Assistant permission to use them, and you’ll be all set to go. Sending the actual payment is simple and fast, and will deliver a notification to the end-user almost immediately. If the receiver doesn’t have Google Pay set up, an email or text will be sent to them and they’ll be asked to set up an account for the utilization of service. Once going through the steps, they’ll be able to claim the funds.

To get started, just say “Hey Google, request $20 from Sam for the show tonight” or “Hey Google, send Jane $15 for lunch today.” Google Assistant will handle the hard work for you and include a note to let the receiver know what the money is for. Everything will be recorded in the app as well for you to look back on. You’ll also be able to confirm just before sending, just in case Google heard you incorrectly, which is also when you’ll be prompted to authenticate. Thank god. See the feature demonstrated in the animated image below.

I received the update server-side yesterday and have tried the functionality myself. It works really smooth and is super useful, but as of right now, USD is the only currency accepted. I expect many will use the feature as digital assistants become more common among devices everywhere, and I look forward to Google expanding support in the future to include more regions, currencies and devices. This is most definitely a step up for what Google Assistant can do and I hope we get more useful features like this soon. Avoid the hassle and get it set up on your mobile today by updating to the latest version of both the Google and Google Pay apps.

Do you use mobile payments? Will you use this feature? Share your thoughts down in the comment area.

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