LG introduces new Software Upgrade Center for faster Android OTA updates

LG has never been the best provider of on-time Android software updates over-the-air for its mobile devices. Reason being the company’s large collection of devices, all with different Android versions and varying software features. Not to mention, LG’s skin is also on the heavier side despite some refining over the years on flagship models. But to help all of that, LG announced ‘Software Upgrade Center’ this week.

LG wants to take software updates more seriously going forward to help it sell more phones and keep loyal customers coming back. You do this by making phones withstand time by keeping them up to date with software and security from Google. This would be great, but as we’ve seen in the past, it’s easier said than done and nobody has been able to do it successfully. LG’s new Software Upgrade Center is a start and is the first of its kind. So far it sounds surprisingly promising, but don’t get over excited just yet if you’re an LG device owner.

The update center will operate worldwide and the Korean company plans to invest “significant” resources to make it a success. LG says that going forward, it will try to keep its user experience consistent across all LG devices whether low, mid or high-end. LG will look to optimize everything through extended testing and deliver updates for more phones, over longer periods of time, at a faster rate. The first update is said to be Android 8.0 Oreo for the LG G6. It’s already a little late, but the new program should speed things along. We don’t know anything beyond that.

Many Android flagship owners are still without Oreo, which is downright disappointing. So before manufacturers jump on Android P, it would be nice if some companies update their devices to last year’s version to prevent further fragmentation of the Android OS. Most Android OEMs are actively working on Oreo betas and some have begun pushing the version out to their newer Android devices. Unlike others, LG has not yet announced their 2018 flagship the LG G7 ThinQ, that’s expected to be similar to the LG V30S ThinQ that came out recently. The company passed on MWC 2018 unlike years past. The purpose is to start from scratch and provide something new, as we’ve seen, that will help the company recoup its losses. If the new phone were to be part of this new program, that’d be a good start. We’ll learn more in May.

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