Motorola asks: “Do you own your phone or does your phone own you?”

Motorola, the company which created the first-ever mobile phone, recently published a post on its official blog to share their findings of a study regarding phone-life balance. The results? Not too hot.

Triggered by the question: “When does the love for our phones supersede the relationships we hold most dear?”, the company went on to conduct a global study aimed to shed some light on the effect of smartphones to people around the world. Spearheaded by Harvard’s Mind-Brain Behavior and the Science of Happiness expert Dr. Nancy Etcoff, the study determine many interesting findings.

Younger people tend to spend more time with their smartphones than their loved ones. While not surprising given the current scenario we are seeing in our daily lives, the study confirms that we are reaching the point when it is starting to become a problem.

Cell phones are becoming so addictive among younger folks that more than half of Motorola’s respondents said that “their phone is their best friend.” And while this sounds depressing, the good news is that the study also confirmed that 61% of the participants want help with phone-life balance. Almost the same number of respondents agreed that it is important to have a life away from their phone.

According to the study, three key behaviors are plaguing Generation Z and Millennials right now in terms of smartphone habits: Compulsive checking, Excessive usage, and Emotional over-dependence. Sadly, it seems that a good number of the younger generation is enslaved by their addiction with using their smartphone.

To help with the situation, Motorola has encouraged everyone to take a short quiz here to gain an idea of how deeply our smartphone is embedded in our lives. The company is also said to be working with the people behind the SPACE Phone-Life Balance app, essentially a mindfulness app with the goal of minimizing the over-dependence with our phones. They also accept ideas from everyone through their ‘Transform the Smartphone Challenge’ contest. Lastly, they have their own Moto Experiences, essentially a way of implementing their own apps to promote “more intuitive mobile interactions.”

It’s a good start, as smartphone addiction is a global issue that affects almost all of us. Kudos to Motorola for taking the initiative in promoting more “life” on the phone-life balance scale. What do you think of Motorola’s study? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE [Motorola Blog]

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