Mysterious Chromecast dongle passes through the FCC

When something hits the FCC, you know it’s close. But in rather surprising fashion, a mysterious Chromecast device was approved today. What’s just as interesting is the device’s overall appearance. This is the first we’ve heard of such a device, so Google or whomever this belongs to may have been keeping it a secret. Not a lot of information has been retrieved from the filing itself, but we can make some predictions.

The mysterious device appears to be a large Chromecast or Android TV device. It takes the form of a dongle, but there’s a remote leading us to believe this might be a new Android TV device with a full console experience, not just another streaming player. The remote also appears to be quite large with various controls and integration with Google Assistant, so we could be in for something good here.

Google does not have a positive history when it comes to smart TV platforms. There was a Nexus Q device that failed and then Google was sure it would hit the jackpot with Android TV. A few years later, we realized this was not exactly the case. Chromecast has really demonstrated Google’s best foot in the industry, but the search giant might look to change things with this unnamed device.

After supporting the Nexus Player for a long time, the search giant finally retired the device this year, announcing that it would not receive future platform updates like Android P. There are few modern Android TV boxes right now other than the latest NVIDIA Shield TV, but this device could be a next-gen model from Google, at least we hope it is!

Google needs to do more than roll out a few updates for Android TV to revive it to at least the point where manufacturers would get back on board. The company has fallen behind that of which competitors are offering and the longer the wait, the worse it’ll look. The first step in getting on track could be a new product of their own to demonstrate Android TV’s capabilities to the market. We’re hopeful for some kind of a Pixel Player of Pixel TV box, but it is not yet clear if this filing relates to one or if Google is even thinking about one. I know that’s not much to go on. As you can see in the images throughout this post, this gadget is unlike much we’ve seen before. There’s G branding on the top, which could signify a name change which wouldn’t surprise us all that much. The logo matches the Google one we’ve seen on various ‘Made By Google‘ products, so maybe this is something to watch carefully as we move forward. It almost looks like some kind of an Android TV Chromecast hybrid device, which raises lots of questions. Maybe we’ll get some answers next month.

As a long time Nexus Player owner, I’m interested. How about you? Join the comments below.

VIA [Phandroid]

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