Nextbit Smart Storage is shutting down

Nextbit is the company that funded the Robin phone through Kickstarter back in 2015. At the time, one of the most significant features of the Robin phone was the possibility of having virtually “unlimited storage” through automatic cloud backups on ‘Smart Storage.’ Now that the Robin ceases to exist, and the company belongs to Razer, Smart Storage will officially shut down.

Recently, Nextbit sent an email to all Robin phone users, letting them know about the imminent shut down of Smart Storage. The company also posted the above pictured pop up notice on its website. The service will officially shut down on March 1; however, users will have until April 1 to sync their data with Nextbit’s download tool at Nextbit says that afterwards, “personal information and data that has been collected … will be purged.”

Other than Smart Storage, Nextbit recently shut down support for Robin customers, and all social media channels hit their end to life. Nextbit was bought out by Razer Inc nearly a year ago, and as a result, the company’s primary focus has shifted to help Razer with its Razer Phone and other mobile creations.

SOURCE [Nextbit]

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