NVIDIA shows off new ‘Big Format Gaming Displays’ at CES 2018

NVIDIA was one of the first to take the stage at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. During the company’s press conference, ‘Big Format Gaming Displays’ were unveiled. These are essentially super large workstations capable of displaying games, various media and much more.

These Big Format Gaming Displays known as BFGDs for short, are giant screens designed for PC gaming, but feature other functionality as well. NVIDIA will not be producing the displays itself, and instead many of its new partners will. HP, Acer, and ASUS have already expressed interest in a collaboration, and are working on their own BFGD models. There is, however, a catch.


All BFGDs will feature the same set of specifications as outlined by NVIDIA. Therefore, all will perform the same and be priced alike. This includes a 65-inch 4K resolution panel, HDR video support, a 120Hz refresh rate, G-Sync technology, and SHIELD technology built-in. By SHIELD technology we mean to say that the displays will have Android TV and all the functionality one gets on SHIELD TV, built right in. This will give users quick and easy access to content from service providers such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, and more. NVIDIA says that all BFGDs will also have the Google Assistant at the ready, with addition to full support for Android TV applications.

With all this power, the BFGDs will provide a fantastic gaming experience. It is not yet known exactly when the hardware will hit markets, nor any of the pricing. However, CES 2018 is just beginning and we have yet to hear from the manufacturers themselves. If we hear of anything in this regard, we’ll let you know right here. For more of the specifics, watch the embedded video below or hit the source link where more in-depth information can be found.

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