OnePlus announces ‘Individual Application Update’ for OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3

Android has been infamously known for its fragmentation whereby Android OEMs take as long as several months to update the Android system for their devices. Google pushes out Android system updates for its Pixel (formerly Nexus) devices, while Android OEMs receive the same updates after the Google release for their own devices. Android OEMs such as Sony, Samsung, and LG have been doing their best to ease the updating process by releasing several apps to Google’s Play Store that can be updated apart from the Android system. This means that OEMs can push out system updates faster, then update apps before or after the system update. While this seems to create new “fragmentation” of its own in the eyes of some, it generally speeds up system updates.

OnePlus has been working hard to become a major Android OEM within the ranks of companies such as Samsung over the last few years. The OEM has been working hard to provide more software functionality and better hardware for its devices. With the introduction of its OnePlus 5 earlier this year, OnePlus proceeded to focus on what it believes to be the essentials of a great smartphone experience. For some, though, proprietary manufacturer app updates via the Play Store isn’t exactly an “essential” within the smartphone experience – but it sure makes for an improved user experience.

To this end, OnePlus has introduced ‘Individual Application Update’ for OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, and OnePlus 3. What is Individual Application Update? It is an update for individual OnePlus specific apps such as the OnePlus Launcher, OnePlus Community, OnePlus Weather, and OnePlus Gallery that can be updated via the Play Store without a full system update. These apps were once updated only through system updates, but they’re now available for updating directly through the Play Store.

The goal of Individual Application Update is to allow OnePlus to update its OxygenOS (its “skinned” version of Android) in a faster fashion, letting OnePlus push out new system update compatibility to its Play Store located apps before or after pushing out system updates. This should theoretically speed up the roll out of Android Oreo. The OEM can now push out an update, then add compatibility for its specific apps at a later time.

OnePlus has made Android Oreo available as a closed beta for the OnePlus 3, with the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 closed beta of Android 8.0 to arrive later. Why not release Android Oreo for all three devices? The issue, in a nutshell, has been due to specific apps that acquire new bugs and issues as a result of Android Oreo. The new Individual Application Update program will ensure speedier updates for the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5.

OnePlus has also announced that its OnePlus Launcher version 2.1.5 will be released this week, bringing a new icon preview in the home screen folder, along with a redesigned folder style for open folders and double finger touch support for holding and sliding items on the home screen. Rumor has it that the Chinese Android OEM may bring the Google Pixel’s Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) to the OnePlus 5, which would dramatically improve battery life. We’re very much looking forward to the possibilities of what this could mean.

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