OnePlus has already sold 1 million OnePlus 6 phones

OnePlus 6 has been on the market for nearly a month, and is already breaking all kinds of company records. The six-month release cycle hasn’t proved to be the villain, as OnePlus accomplished the impossible by beating out the sales mark achieved by the former OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T sales set a record for OnePlus, selling in a quantity of 1 million units in only three months. Not only has the new OnePlus 6 kept pace with the 5T’s demand, it sold in the same amount of units in less than a third of the time. OnePlus reported that 1 million units sold in the first 22 days. Considering that OnePlus was at one point unable to produce this many units back in the day of its invite system, this is quite the achievement. My guess would be that the Silk White OnePlus 6 flagship was most popular, but it had run out of supply so fast since it was produced in a limited quantity.

While this pals in comparison to tech giants like Samsung and Apple, OnePlus is growing its share of the Android market. With smaller OEMs such as HTC, LG and Sony struggling, the Chinese OEM is moving up in ranks thanks to its super loyal fan base. This has allowed OnePlus to be successful in markets others wouldn’t normally and it’ll be interesting to see if OnePlus can keep up its momentum.

OnePlus 6 has a modern design with high-end specifications and starts at $529, which is an incredibly low price tag for what you’re getting. Offering devices at a lower price but offering nearly all the same specs and features as more expensive flagship smartphones has allowed the company to be competitive. The pricing strategy is part of OnePlus’ culture, and encourages fans to upgrade to the new phone every six months. OnePlus rules the bang for your back category and could have its competitors nervous given all the success it has achieved at the lower price point. In the future, OnePlus might consider more retail channels rather than selling only unlocked and directly to consumers. Though selling direct has been a successful strategy for OnePlus, using a carrier or retailer could help the company reach more consumers in countries like the US. We’ll see what happens.

Are you 1 of the 1 million OnePlus 6 owners?

SOURCE [Business Insider]

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