OnePlus will soon look to carriers to sell a smartphone in the US

One Chinese manufacturer just failed to make a deal with a US carrier, but a second might have better luck. According to a trusted source who spoke with OnePlus CEO, OnePlus will look to approach US carriers this year to sell as smartphone in the US.

Coming into CES 2018, we expected Huawei to strike a deal with AT&T to sell the Mate 10 Pro. As you all know, it didn’t turn out that way, but the company is still focused on expanding its efforts to the states. OnePlus will reportedly look to do the same in 2018.


The US is one of the biggest markets worldwide for smartphones, hence the reason why growing Chinese manufacturers are eyeing it as a potential landing spot to increase sales. OnePlus isn’t exactly well-known in the US, but the company wants to change this.

OnePlus CEO confirmed interest in negotiating with US carriers to sell a smartphone during CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The OnePlus 6 that’s due out in March could be a likable bet, but as we saw with Huawei, this can be all but certain. Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO, even said that it will only agree if the “right opportunity and right timing come along.” So it could be some time, if ever, that this happens. If it could break the ice, OnePlus may just sell a phone that’s not unlocked, for the very first time.

As proven, gaining carrier support will be no easy task. It also doesn’t guarantee success, and considering OnePlus is a stranger in the US, the company will have its work cut out shall it want to get to scale. The next OnePlus phone will launch during quarter two.

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