Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is selling in a record low quantity

Samsung Galaxy S9 sales are not too hot, as per sources. The flagships from the South Korean giant were off to a promising start back in March when globally released, but The Investor reports Samsung selling a record low number of units for a Galaxy S flagship in Korea.

Sources have Samsung selling 707,000 units of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ over the past two months. What makes matters worse is the competition, which has yet to hit markets with high-end Android devices of their own to compete. When compared to Galaxy S8 last year, this is down over 25% from 1 million sold during its first two months of sales. Keep in mind these numbers only reflect buyers in Korea, meaning that the Galaxy S9 series could be selling better elsewhere. Typically, though, Korea gives a good indication of global performance.

The data is as of April so there’s still plenty of time for Samsung to pick up sluggish sales to meet end of the year projections, not to mention the Galaxy Note 9 that could be right around the corner to help. Despite slow smartphone sales, the conglomerate continues to slam all-time highs in revenue and profit, quarter after quarter. This is in thanks to Samsung’s chip-making business among other side projects which continue to bring in a lot of dough from dependent OEMs like Apple, who is also struggling to sell iPhone X units in Korea.

It’s disappointing to see that Galaxy S9 sales aren’t living up to the marks many hoped would be reached, but it’s really not the end of the world. Smaller OEMs like LG, HTC and Sony on the other hand have real problems at stake due to less money for R&D and marketing purposes. Samsung is still one of the richest companies in the world, and we’ve seen them bounce back before to come back only stronger.

The Unpacked 2018 event was a bit underwhelming with few revolutionary features and changes being made. The  lack of change might be contributing to the slower than expected sales, despite how great the phone is overall. It’s one of the best, if not, the best Android smartphone to come out in 2018 thus far, but an affordable yet so similar Galaxy S8 makes it a tougher sell.

Samsung might now try some trickery with incentives, advertising and various promotion to revamp things, something other companies can’t really afford to do. They’ve already announced new storage variants of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, so we’ll keep an eye out on those.

We’ll see how the results pan out next quarter and give you an update if the results surprise us.

SOURCE [The Investor

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