Shazam for Android gains new “Auto” listening mode


In the latest update to its Android app, Shazam has added a new Auto mode. Shazam, for those unfamiliar, is a handy app that uses your device’s microphone to identify the title of a song as well as the artist. The experience just got easier on Android thanks to a newly added ‘Auto’ background listening mode. The new feature comes with the latest Android update and is designed to automatically identify what music is being played.

The new ‘Auto’ mode allows users to identify music without having to go through the process of launching and tapping the app each and every time. All you need to do is fire up the app, enable the ‘Auto’ mode and let Shazam do its homework. So if you know you’re attending an event that’s guaranteed to have good music, no need to struggle to identify the tunes; Shazam will already be listening and will compile a playlist for you to check out when you’re back at home.

Shazam can do this by staying active in the background. And in case you’re wondering about battery consumption, the company made sure to keep it “battery-friendly”, meaning it will not drain your battery. This is an impactful assurance from the company since most apps which run in the background mode tend to be heavy on the battery. You can get the updated version of the app in the Google Play Store now.

SOURCE [Shazam – Play Store Download]


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