Smart Actions and more will make Google Photos even better

Google has wrapped up Google I/O 2018 in Mountain View, California, but a handful of new features are just beginning to roll out to many of the search giant’s popular apps and services. As it does every year, the company introduced new features coming to Google Photos on Android, iOS and web.


Prior to the event, Google rolled out a bunch of app updates including one with Google Lens for Google Photos, but they did not end there. Everyone’s favorite photo cloud storage app, Google Photos, saw a revamp announced at this year’s three-day conference at the company’s HQ. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, Google Photos lands more innovative features. The app gets better every year, and unlike some other apps that saw upgrade announcements this week, the Google Photos additions will be here a lot sooner.

Google Photos is only a few years old, yet it is the most widely used photo management app across Android devices as per Google’s stats of 5 billion pictures viewed daily. This is nothing short of hard to achieve in just three year’s time, and the service continues to see vast momentum among Google’s suite of applications. Moreover, Google constantly strives to make its photos application the best available and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s at the top of everybody’s list.

One feature I personally enjoy is the smart AI that creates personal collages, themed videos and GIFs when you upload new photos to the service. The event happenings at this week’s show revealed that Google Photos is going to be enhanced with even more features like these over the coming months, and I cannot wait to see what the company comes up with. No other app implements AI features as well as Google Photos, and like many other Google apps, AI is getting better, and so is Google Photos’ ability to take advantage of it to share the benefits with customers.

One brand new feature that was introduced in demos at Google I/O 2018 is known as ‘Smart Suggestions.’ These will automatically choose the best way for you to edit a particular photo. You’ll see a button and tapping on it will let you see the changes the app has made to enhance the image. There isn’t much you have to do because the app does it all for you. You don’t have to keep any changes, but there’s a good chance you might considering how well the feature seems to work.

Another feature being added into Google Photos is the power to manipulate photos and bring in edits like a bokeh effect after taking the shot, auto-brightness adjustment, or intelligent blur– a conversion between black, white and color. This uses AI to turn your black and white shots to color or vice versa in real-time. This looks super cool though we don’t know exactly how accurate it will be. All these features are expected to roll out individually, the earliest ones coming in the next few weeks for some devices in some regions with others in the next few months, varying by platform.

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