Sprint’s $15 Unlimited Plan ends today because of high demand

A few weeks ago, Sprint started a promotion that gave new customers a low-end unlimited plan for just $15 per month per line. The offer known as Unlimited Kickstart helped Sprint capture new wireless subscribers because of the low monthly price, but the carrier will no longer be able to keep it up due to higher than expected demand for the service.

Unlimited Kickstart required subscribers to sign up for auto pay and included unlimited talk, text and data (with streaming restrictions of course). It was almost too good to be true, and we had a feeling the carrier could get into trouble. Rather than trying to adjust its Unlimited Kickstart plan, Sprint is terminating the offer later today. Sprint cites the demand as the problem, and despite netting a large number of users, it cannot make sufficient money at the low price point. It was a good offer while it lasted, but we’re not all that surprised of the news.

It’s not often we see a deal be too successful, but that is the case here. As of Friday night at 11:59pm EDT, the plan will no longer be offered. If you’re interested, you have until then to sign up and must be a new subscriber. Current subscribers of the plan will be unaffected and will continue to enjoy the plan’s benefits, for now. Sprint did not mention just how many new subscribers it gained as a result of this plan.

With other US carriers exploring new plan options for the summer months, Sprint will need to come up with something else other than its Unlimited 55+ plan to gain an edge over the competition, at least until the merger with T-Mobile sets into place. With T-Mobile going by a different set of prices for its unlimited plans, it’ll be interesting to see what results from the carrier merge. For more detailing on the new unlimited plan prices from Sprint, head to the company’s website here.

What do you make of this?


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