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Droid Turf is active on nearly a dozen social platforms. And now, Droid Turf is excited to have expanded to the Google Play Newsstand catalog. Learn where and how to follow us in this post.

As seen on nearly a dozen of your favorite social media platforms, we are a niche Media Company centered in the United States, but have an audience that stretches across the world. Tens of thousands of you flood the Droid Turf site each week searching to have your Android questions answered.

Today, our core mission that is to provide you with accurate and extensive information on various Android topics has remained the same. Droid Turf has been named a reliable source for quality and timely Android related news and reviews since the very beginning, and now, you can retrieve all Droid Turf coverage right within Google Play Newsstand available for web, Android and iOS.

Thanks to your support and some recent implementations, you’ll soon begin to see Droid Turf content in a lot more places. Whether it be in one of our populated social streams, in Google Search, on Play Newsstand, or in the form of cards on Google Now, you can count on us being there. We have your back and will continue to put forth our best efforts to reach you in every which way possible.

Droid Turf was recently awarded a spot in the Google Play Newsstand online catalog of publications, meaning that you’ll now see our content featured all throughout the technology categories. We’re excited to have worked closely with Google on this project, and we’ll continue to look for enticing new ways to reach you!

To get updates right from your Play Newsstand stream, the easy route would be to subscribe to our re-designed and AMP supported verified news source edition. First, open Google Play Newsstand on web here, or, download the Play Newsstand mobile app on Android here.

Sign in with your Google account and search for Droid Turf from the search box. Our brand should appear next to our logo upon typing in the first few letters. Click or tap on our news edition and subscribing is just a single step away.

The last step is to select ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Add to library.’ A check mark will then appear as confirmation. And your done!

You’ll now have access to our full edition. You can isolate our coverage by hitting our edition on either the slide-out main menu or your library.

Our core mission is to deliver high-quality, meaningful content including both analysis and insight that readers truly care to read. Our ultimate goal is to make Droid Turf any and every readers choice to learn about the Android Ecosystem.

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