The NVIDIA SHIELD TV has been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo

Last week, NVIDIA rolled out updates for both the SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro. It has been quite the wait, but owners of either device will be very glad to know that Android 8.0 can now be installed on these devices including a handful of interface changes and upgrades.

NVIDIA has no problem updating older devices, even with Google’s newest software. Doing so keeps devices feeling new and their owners satisfied. NVIDIA has worked hard on the latest platform update for Android TV and has brought it in stable form to its two set-top boxes, which are really the only modern Android TV boxes at this point.

The update is massive, bringing in Oreo features and NVIDIA’s SHIELD Experience 7.0. This includes a new layout of Android TV, making NVIDIA’s devices among the first and only to retrieve it. The home screen has a more organized set up containing all your apps in addition to in-app recommendations, your games, a search bar, and at a glance information. Also present is a “Play Next” section that allows you to pick up where you left off from a prior setting.

The many features apart Android Oreo are now present throughout the user interface including a more refined and consistent Google Assistant experience. It’s more present throughout the platform for easy voice searching, the pulling up of information and control over your smart equipment (which also gained more support). Also included are large updates coming to a handful of pre-loaded apps and games, said to really make a difference in enhancing the experience for users.

Install the update and let us know what you think of the changes. For the smaller and hidden implementations, view the full change-log of release notes included below. What you see is what’s listed for the SHIELD TV, though the changes and additions for SHIELD TV Pro are mainly the same and can be seen at the source link also listed below. NVIDIA has carved out a lot of issues and bugs, but if you experience hiccups of any kind, please report feedback straight to NVIDIA so that problems can be fixed in a future release.

The below comes from NVIDIA:

A Brand New Home Screen
All your entertainment is now in one place with Android 8.0 Oreo. Live TV, video-on-demand, streaming media, and games – it’s all there and it’s fully customizable!
Favorite Apps: You choose the apps and the order! Hold the Select button on an app to move it. To access all your apps, hold the Home button or select the red Apps icon.
Play Next: Continue where you left off in TV shows, movies, and games. To add content to Play Next, navigate to the content and hold the Select button. Note: Not all apps support Play Next.
Channels: Discover new entertainment from your favorite apps. You choose the channels and the order. Navigate left on a channel to move or remove it. Note: Not all apps support Channels. Apps are TV Channels
Organize your favorite apps into a “TV guide” style layout. See shows from each app on the home screen.

Other Enhancements

The latest monthly Android security updates

Quick access to Settings when you’re on the home screen by holding the Back button

Support for high polling rate gaming mice for NVIDIA GameStream

Improved support for game controllers:

Customize SHIELD controller thumbstick dead zones (Settings-> Apps-> Input viewer)

Xbox 360 and DualShock 4 v2 controllers

DualShock 4 controllers using USB wireless adapter

Adds “Connect” option to re-pair disconnected Bluetooth accessories (Settings->Accessories)

Ability to connect to Wi-Fi without disconnecting Ethernet (Settings-> Network-> Ethernet)

General stability fixes on SHIELD remote (2017) and controller (2017)

Latest accessory firmware versions:

SHIELD controller (2017): v1.24

SHIELD controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32

SHIELD remote (2017): v1.33

SHIELD remote (rechargeable): v.1.30


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