There has been a change of course for LG’s G7

LG’s G line of flagship devices has a long history of being introduced during MWC each February, but apparently this year the company will skip the ritual and rethink from scratch its next flagship device.

These rumors come from The Investor, a South Korean news outlet. According to them, Jo Seong-jin, Vice Chairman and CEO of LG Electronics, has ordered a revision of the upcoming LG G7 device. It has also been reported that the LG G7 team was told to stop recent development and re-start the flagship device from scratch.

There are a couple of reasons why LG could be making this unexpected move. First of all, LG is a company who has been doing great with selling home appliances, but has struggled in the mobile device market for some time. According to The Investor, since the company has been under Jo Seong-jin, LG’s smartphone unit has seen $219 million in losses. Due to these losses, the company might be looking for new marketing strategies and a phone which is going to make them step up in the smartphone market like the old days. Given this, a new and carefully though-out product makes a lot of sense.

Another important thing to note is that on January 11, 2018, during CES 2018, the Vice Chairman of LG reported “We will unveil new smartphones when it is needed. But we will not launch it just because other rivals do.” This statement is clearly pointing at companies like Samsung and Apple, each of who launch more than one flagship device per year.

Losses? Poor marketing techniques? No innovative ideas? Who knows, all is possible. We were expecting to see the LG G7 or one like it in February (as usual) and instead we will probably have to wait until June, which is when LG Pay is expected out in the US. That leaves one major smartphone unveiling for MWC 2018.

SOURCE [The Investor]

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