There’s now a ‘Bill Protection’ unlimited plan on Google Project Fi

Google is trying to simplify cell phone data plans and increase affordability with its MVNO, Project Fi. And now, there’s a Project Fi Unlimited Data Plan with “Bill Protection.”

Up to 6 lines of service on a single account can now enroll in Project Fi Unlimited, a new plan for those with compatible smartphones. Pricing starts at $80 per month for a single line of access, and the maximum combined cost for six lines is $275.

So what exactly does one get for these prices? Well, calls and texts count as $20 per month on the individual plan, but the value decreases with additional lines of service. For data, it costs an additional $10 per GB used up until a certain point. Any unused data at the end of the billing cycle will be refunded back to you for its original price. The data table above shows some pricing information.

Bill Protection now puts a cap on how much you pay for data. For example, once you reach 6GB of consumed data, consuming more won’t cost you anything additional. However, if more than 15GB is used, the protection will be lost. So in essence, if you use somewhere between 6GB and 15GB per month, you’ll save money as opposed to before when each GB over 6GB would still cost an extra $10 per month. However, this data will be of lower speeds, reduced to 256 kbps until the next billing cycle begins. If your need desires more than 15GB of high-speed data per month, you’ll have to inform Google and agree to once again pay $10 per GB for every GB consumed after the 15GB cap.

The new plan is available and should get you more data for your buck. If you’re still not clear, head over to the links below to learn more, or here to set up a plan for your tastes a preview its savings.

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