Unannounced HTC U12 appears on Verizon’s development site

A few days ago, super-sized Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ models briefly appeared on Verizon’s open development site. Now, something completely unannounced just surfaced on the carrier’s development site, indicating the possibility of a nearby launch we’ve been anticipating.

Verizon’s open development website sometimes hints at upcoming devices the carrier will carry. This could be a month or more before it actually happens, but is indication of what is to come. That being said, HTC’s new mid-range Desire 12 phones could get some help with a new HTC flagship smartphone for 2018, as a device named HTC U12 just received certification from Verizon. We had thought we might see a phone or two at MWC 2018, which ended up not being the case. This is a good sign since many thought HTC would skip on a flagship this year to conserve costs.

HTC has been taking its sweet time preparing a new flagship smartphone. There have been few signs that a flagship tier code-named ‘Imagine’ is coming, which makes us that more skeptical. We thought the device would be named HTC U12+, but the Verizon listing reads HTC U12. Either there will be two devices, or, just one device and something fishy is going on. At least we know big red will carry it.

The suspicion about the rumored device continues with its apparent specifications that are mostly dated for this year. The Verizon site shows the device having a 6-inch LCD display with WQHD resolution, Gorilla Glass, LTE Cat 12, IP68 water and dust resistance, Bluetooth 5.0, 4K video recording, Android 8.0 Oreo, HTC Sense with Sense Companion Assistant, a 3,500mAh battery, and a “frameless display.” While the display news is a first for HTC and could get the company up there in terms of design with the modern trends of 2018 Android flagships, LTE Cat 12 is outdated and some of the other specs are medicure for today’s times.

Given that HTC has a new strategy for 2018 and is taking time to perfect everything, just like some other Android OEMs, and the fact it is in desperate need of a comeback phone to help quarter after quarter financial struggles and movements, we hope the official device turns out better that what we’re seeing here. If the company wants to be competitive in the crowded market of high-end Android phones, it’ll have to give its all. Keeping the price down might be an objective here, which has done good for the company in the past. Though, I was expecting something a little more after all this time and coming off last year’s offerings to revive hope for the company and its mobile division. I want to see the competitive HTC who delivers just what the fans want!

HTC is expected to unveil its next HTC U 12 flagship in late May or early June.

SOURCE [Verizon]

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