Upcoming Moto 5X leaks with notch up top

Motorola might be working on yet another Moto X successor. The lineup that once entailed the company’s flagship, is now a unique mid-range series priced more affordably. The transition began last year with the popular Moto X4, and the Lenovo subsidiary could soon launch the Moto X5 pictured above as its successor on the market.

Yesterday, Droid-Life leaked a whole bunch of promotional banners, some of the Moto G6 series and Moto Z3 series for 2018, and the above of a supposed Moto X5. The banner was given to Droid-Life from an unidentified source, but looks like the real deal. It’s just surprising to us considering no information has been spread yet regarding the handset. This is our first word on a rumored Moto X5, so do take it with a grain of salt until we gain confirmation from Motorola that the device is in fact real.

Droid-Life stated that the Moto X5 will boast a 5.9-inch Full HD+ display with the taller and narrower 18:9 aspect ratio. Bezels have been slimmed down and corners have been rounded, giving to a refreshed design that appears premium and modern for today’s times. To shake things up, there’s a notch up top, though many will immediately look to the Essential Phone and Apple iPhone X as the influencers. The status bar is split by the phone’s speaker and dual front cameras, showing icons on each side. This should make the overall footprint of the device smaller thanks to a larger screen-to-body ratio.

On the bottom of the device’s front there is ‘Motorola’ branding instead of a ‘Moto’ home button to make room for more screen. This matches what we saw in yesterday’s Moto G6 leak. However, there’s no dimple on the rear containing a fingerprint scanner on this model, so as we see it, unless there’s one below the glass screen, it doesn’t appear that there is one. There’s an on-screen White bar, which could be for some kind of software navigation and control. The ad does also point to the phone having a total of four cameras, two on each side. It’s called ‘Moto XP,’ and Motorola’s ‘Smart AI’ is coming too.

The phone could be introduced as early as MWC 2018 next month, but given that its predecessor came out much later in the year, you may have to wait a little longer for this one. Whether it will also come in an Android One variant is anybody’s guess right now.

SOURCE [Droid-Life]

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