Some users are able to set Amazon Alexa as the default digital assistant on Android

We talk about the Google Assistant a lot because it’s essentially baked into our Android smartphones. But what if you could set Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to open by default? Some smartphones owners, who have reported on Reddit, have been able to do just that.

Though many of us prefer the Google Assistant, the fact of the matter is that Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant is right beside it at the top of the category. Some of you may prefer it over the Google Assistant and may have even bought an Amazon Echo speaker well before Google Home or any other smart speakers had even released. Up until this point, Alexa has been limited in her availability on Android devices. Downloading the app would give you the functionality, but the hot-words and hot-keys wouldn’t work.

Very few Android smartphones have Alexa integrated in the operating system for quick access like Google Assistant, or Bixby on Samsung devices. The HTC U 11 is one of them. But, that could be about to change. Some Android users discovered a way to use Alexa as the proprietary voice assistant on Android, replacing the Google Assistant. This isn’t good news for Google, who constantly competes on this floor with Amazon, but Android is full of openness and so there are options.

Moving forward, it appears some users will have the ability to download the Alexa assistant and set it to active with a long press of the home button. As of right now, users have reported this working on Google’s own Pixel 2 as well as a few other high-end Android devices running Oreo. Owners of the device have not yet figured out how to set Alexa to come up with a hot-word, nor remap Pixel 2’s squeezable sides to Alexa.

If you’re a heavy Amazon user, this might be worth it to you, and though the functionality appears limited to a few devices right now, more might soon gain the ability. We don’t exactly know how some users have it and some don’t, so your best bet for right now is checking the Reddit thread and fiddling with your phone to try to get it working.

SOURCE [itsallaguesswork on Reddit

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