Walmart Pay expands to include Alabama


Walmart Pay has landed in Alabama. It allows users to conveniently pay in Walmart stores within the state, making the checkout process more convenient. Walmart Pay launched initially in Texas and Arkansas, and this news could only mean Walmart is looking to the next level.

Mobile payments are still in their infancy, and widespread adoption is still a bit of time away. Not everyone has jumped onto Google’s Android Pay, which uses NFC to transfer payments, therefore Walmart Pay seems to make sense.

Walmart Pay aims to make the mobile payment procedure, in its own way, more secure. To use the payment process, you’ll need to set up the app with your chosen payment card. Once you’re at checkout, you can use Walmart Pay to scan a specialized code displayed on the register screen, which then forwards a receipt to the app.

Walmart Pay is not what we’re used to seeing, and could be viewed as more cumbersome than Android Pay, but it does add a sense of security that some people will appreciate. Do keep in mind that mobile payments, regardless of Google or Walmart, have their own set of benefits when compared to using cash.

At the moment, Walmart Pay is exclusive to, you guessed it, Walmart. If you feel the need to check out Walmart Pay for yourself, download the app here!

VIA [Android Central]

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