Weekly Poll: What was the best overall Android smartphone from 2017?

The smartphone, or should we say the “cell phone,” has come a long way. What was once only for making phone calls, has now evolved into much more, and is now essential for most of us to have. The smartphone is the centerpiece of all our connections and we take it with us just about everywhere we go. 2017 brought a handful of new smartphones, some better than others. Many say that by the end of next year, we will have eclipsed the “the perfect smartphone.”

There are smartphones available today that tailor to various needs and come at all different price points. There truly is one for everyone. But the ones that try to do everything and more are our flagship smartphones, and 2017 brought along a great deal of them. In 2017, Android manufacturers set out to create the best all-in-one smartphone that’s both easy to use, and incorporates a little bit of everything that consumers desire. Everyone who owns a smartphone, at some point, had to make a decision. Hundreds of Android smartphones launched in 2017 and we’re curious as to which one you own and which you think is best.

2017 saw continued trends and the start of many new ones for smartphones. The average cost spent on a smartphone rose, signaling that the phone is still becoming increasingly valued by consumers. Speaking for a good proportion of shoppers, people nowadays demand a smartphone that not only looks good and feels good, but one they feel represents oneself. Many feel that the smartphone a person carries gives hint to their personality.

We’ve traveled many miles since the birth of cell phones. Features such as camera quality, waterproofing, wireless charging, modularity, and bezel-less high-resolution display have opened opportunities and escalated competition. This, as we know, is great for consumers, as we continue to see affordable phones get better. However, despite the increase in similarity of phones and their performance, the gap between cheap and expensive widened in 2017, with some phones costing as low as $100 and others as high as $1,000. People now more than ever must be aware of what they’re buying, because pricing can get rather high for not a lot of value added. Brought upon by competition, advancements in technology, and recent innovation, smartphones have become quite good no matter how much you choose to spend on one.

This brings us to our poll of the week. Smartphones continue to sell like hot cakes and fly off shelves, but we want to know which brand you think put out the most complete offering in the 2017 year discounting price. Was it the somewhat compromised Pixel 2 XL? How about Samsung’s latest and greatest in the Galaxy Note 8, or LG’s underrated LG V30? The comeback HTC U 11 or the Moto Z2 Force? Sony’s super premium Xperia XZ1 or the still affordable OnePlus 5T? We couldn’t include every candidate for this award in the poll due to limited space, but if one of these is your winner, please vote for it! If your winner isn’t included in the poll, let us know your pick down in the comments and vote for the one listed you think is the best regardless of which is your personal favorite.

Each year at Droid Turf we rank the top ten Android smartphones as we go along. These smartphones are the best of the best. All rankings are determined using a combination of both hands-on use and different measurements such as hardware specs, software and overall design language. Price is not taken into account. Opinions here are those of Droid Turf, and are by no means represented by everybody. Below is the FINAL ordered list containing what we believe were the biggest and baddest Android smartphones to launch this year. Let us know if you agree, or disagree with any of the mentions and why. We’re starting the rank all over for 2018, so stay tuned to our Best Android Smartphones page where we keep you covered as the year moves along. That being said, we may see our first candidates at the upcoming CES 2018 trade show.

Top 10 Android Smartphones of 2017

– #1 –

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Review Overview | Spec List | Event Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: Unpacked 17 | NYC | August 2017

– #2 –

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+

Review Overview | Spec ListsEvent Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: Unpacked 2017 | NYC | March 2017

– #3 –

LG V30

Review Overview | Spec ListEvent Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: IFA | Berlin, Germany | August 2017

– #4 –

HTC U 11+

Review Overview | Recent Coverage

Launch: Private Event | Taiwan | November 2017

– #5 –

Google Pixel 2 / XL 2

Review Overview | Spec ListsEvent Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: Made By Google 2017 | San Francisco, CA | October 2017

– #6 –


Review Overview | Spec List | Event Wrap-up | Recent Coverage

Launch: MWC | Barcelona, Spain | February 2017

– #7 –

Sony Xperia XZ1

Review Overview | Event Wrap-up | Recent Coverage

Launch: IFA | Berlin, Germany | August 2017

– #8 –

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Review Overview | Event Wrap-up | Recent Coverage

Launch: MWC | Barcelona, Spain | February 2017

– #9 –

OnePlus 5T

Review Overview | Spec List | Recent Coverage

Launch: Online Launch Event | November 2017

– #10 –

HTC U 11

Review Overview | Spec List | Recent Coverage

Launch: Private Event | Taiwan | May 2017

Vote for which you think is the best all-around smartphone whether you own it or not, in our weekly poll down below. Be sure to specify the reasoning behind your choice in the comment section along with your personal favorite of the year and what you purchased. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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