Weekly Poll: Do you use a third-party launcher on your Android?

This week turned out to be a pretty important one at DT. We learned about future Pixel smartphones, new app updates for Gmail and Facebook Messenger, more Galaxy S8 rumors, and a taste test from Google called #MyAndroid.

#MyAndroid caught us by great surprise earlier in the week. It’s an online web app made by Google to help recommend design changes on your Android device. One ability that has remained a great advantage of Android over competing mobile operating systems, is customization, more specifically, home screen personalization.

Mobile platforms have evolved greatly over the years and have ultimately become toe-to-toe with each other. However, one key characteristic of Android is its openness to user preferences. One of the easiest ways to get a new feel on your Android, is to personalize the home screen layout of your phone or tablet. It sounds easy, and manufacturers have made it easier over the years in their own kind of ways, but there’s still a vast majority of Android owners who don’t know how, or don’t care to personalize their home screen. Google wants to change that with #MyAndroid.

“Be together, not the same,” was one of the most successful marketing campaigns Google has every implemented for Android. It basically means that all your Android devices can be connected, but don’t at all have to look and be the same. One of the underlying purposes of Android has always been to provide consumers with options, for both hardware and software. Using a combination of brand, model and Android version under the hood, your device creates a home screen layout. Some Apple device owners seem to have become jealous of this feature, hence why this week we heard of a Kickstarter project depicting a possible iPhone case that turns your phone essentially into an Android offering.

If you’ve ever taken a look around or used another’s Android, than it probably came to your attention at one point that their’s doesn’t have the feel nor same appearance neither outward or on-screen, as yours does. That’s because there are billions of different variations, some of which vary very slightly, that are made using the three variables mentioned above. In fact, it could be quite the challenge to find someone whose else’s Android that matches all three variables, but even with that, resizing, the moving of icons, and ability to add widgets can provide distinction. Now while Android has its advantages here, like everything else, come a few disadvantages. We’ll save this discussion though for another day.

Google’s #MyAndroid is a new project that can help anyone find their perfect match in terms of software design. By answering around fifteen or so questions about your favorite imagery and design, Google will be able to recommend a launcher, set of icons, wallpaper, widget, and keyboard, all of which match your taste. Google supplies three options for each and gives you step-by-step instructions on what to download, where to download, and how to install the different design changes on your Android device. Best of all, you can always mix and match more than one if you like. There are more options out there now, than there have ever been!

If you’re looking for recommendations from us, or want to share your home screen with a Droid Turf contributor, chat with us during our next Connect+ Live Chat Session. See the upcoming schedule here.

This brings us to our weekly poll aka question of the week. Are you using a third-party launcher or set of icons that didn’t come default on your Android, that you set up yourself? Let us know and feel free to drop a comment below this post detailing what you actively use along with your experience. The poll will remain open all week. We look forward to hearing your response.

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