Weekly Recap: Here are all the major headlines from the week 2/20 – 2/24

The Droid Turf Weekly Recap includes all the major headlines in the Android Ecosystem over the recent week.

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Weekly Recap: 2/20 – 2/24

Monday 2.20

LG G6 believed to bring new ‘Full Vision’ 18:9 display and UX 6.0

LG’s rumored flagship device, the LG G6, is believed to be arriving with the company’s new 18:9 (or 2:1) QHD+ resolution display panel, and will run Android under LG’s latest generation UX 6.0 interface. LG’s teaser video on the G6 calls the display ‘Full Vision’ and it will allow two square windows to sit side-by-side for multi-tasking. The handset will be unveiled at MWC 2017. [Read More]


Tuesday 2.21

You can now order and pay for goods using the Google Assistant on Google Home 

The Google Home device has been improved by allowing customers to order and pay for goods using a connected credit or debit card, by telling the Google Assistant to make a purchase. Items will be shipped using the Google Express mail service. Currently, the service is supported by a relatively limited number of retailers, but it’s free to try until April 30. [Read More]

Verizon announces new $40 prepaid plan offering 2GB of high-speed data 

Verizon, America’s largest carrier, has announced a new $40 prepaid plan, which offers customers unlimited domestic minutes and text messages together with 2GB of high-speed data. Customers also benefit from ‘always on’ data after the initial 2GB allowance has been used, but speeds are capped at 128kbps. Also included with the plan is ‘rollover data’, and unlimited texting to over 200 countries. It’s available now. [Read More]


Wednesday 2.22

Samsung may bring back the Galaxy Note 7 as a ‘manufacturer refurbished’ device

A report suggesting that Samsung may bring back ‘manufacturer refurbished’ Galaxy Note 7 units to sell containing a different, smaller capacity battery surfaced this week. While it would be a brave move by Samsung, it could help the company recoup some of the losses from the recall and removal from sale of the Galaxy Note 7 in the summer of 2016. It could also have a positive affect on the company’s reputation. Learn more here -> [Read More]


Thursday 2.23

Instagram 10.9 introduces the ability to post multiple images or videos 

The Instagram application has been updated to version 10.9 and the most notable feature is the added ability to post multiple images or videos in a single post. Unfortunately, for now, all selected images will be adjusted to a square shape. Users have been asking for this feature for some time and it’s great to see Instagram listening to user feedback! Perhaps the feature will be enhanced even further in the future. [Read More]


Friday 2.24

Google’s ‘Messenger’ app becomes ‘Android Messages,’ adds RCS support for some 

Google has renamed the stock Android SMS client from ‘Messenger‘ to ‘Android Messages’. In its accompanying notes, the company highlighted some enhanced features. Among them is sending voice notes and seeing when contacts have read the message – which sounds very much like RCS. Support for RCS will require cell carriers and device manufacturers to cooperate with Google. See the list of partners thus far -> [Read More]

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