Weekly Recap: Here are all the major headlines from the week 3/6 – 3/10

The Droid Turf Weekly Recap includes all the major headlines in the Android Ecosystem over the recent week.

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Weekly Recap: 3/6 – 3/10

Monday 3.6

ASUS, Fossil detail Android Wear 2.0 plans 

ASUS and Fossil have provided details as to when they are to update their Android Wear watches to the new Android Wear 2.0 software. ASUS will update the ZenWatch 2 and ZenWatch 3 to the new release of Android Wear in the second quarter. Meanwhile, Fossil is set to start the update to Android Wear 2.0 for its portfolio of Android Wear devices by mid-March. The update should include a simultaneous release for all of Fossil’s eligible devices, including the Q Founder, Q Marshal and Q Wander, at this time. [Read More]


Tuesday 3.7

Google’s Pixel boss reports that the Chromebook Pixel line is not dead 

In the last few weeks we’ve seen reports that there would be no more Google Chromebook Pixel models. However, Pixel boss, Rick Osterloh, took it to Twitter to set the record straight: Google is not able to provide any detail as to a possible third generation Chromebook Pixel at this time. This does not mean the Pixel brand is exiting the Chromebook market, but Osterloh and Google are keeping quiet about possible plans. [Read More]

Google’s Play Store celebrates five glory years 

Google’s Play Store celebrated its fifth birthday this week with top five lists of downloaded apps, games, music and more! The lists show how customer preferences have changed over the years as the most popular movies and music are from more recently released material. The Play Store is now accessed by over a billion regular users across 190 countries, using smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and more. It’s been a successful five years with Google promising that this is “only the beginning.” [Read More]


Wednesday 3.8

Google’s Android version distribution numbers show a healthy increase in devices running Nougat 

Google publishes Android version, or platform, distribution numbers every month. This data shows the version of Android being used by that particular device and shows the proportion of device running the different versions of Android. For March 2017, compared with the previous data, Android Nougat (version 7.0 and 7.1) is showing an increase from 1.2% to 2.8%. Although this is still a small slice of the pie chart, it shows how manufacturers and carriers are finally updating Android devices to the newer versions of Android. [Read More]

Android O to feature smarter features 

Google has been releasing major upgrades to the Android operating system towards the end of the year, and later in 2017, is set to release Android O. For the next version of Android, a report indicates that Google is set to refine Android with the introduction of smarter features designed to make Android more helpful during everyday operations. This could include a ‘Copy Less’ feature, which smartly suggests looking up an address when it’s being discussed, or the ability to use on-screen gesture commands such as drawing a large symbol or character on the display to launch applications. [Read More]


Thursday 3.9

T-Mobile bumps ONE Unlimited plan high-speed data allowance to 30GB

T-Mobile, America’s third largest carrier, has increased the monthly high-speed data allowance for its ONE Unlimited plan from 28GB to 30GB a month. The carrier, famous for its outspoken Chief Executive John Legere and the color magenta, has self-labelled itself America’s ‘Uncarrier‘ and has been steadily improving its plans and services. T-Mobile’s actions have forced America’s other carriers to steadily improve their own offerings. [Read More]

Movado announces partnership with Google and Android Wear 2.0 

Movado is the latest manufacturer to announce a partnership with Google to release devices based around Android Wear 2.0. For Movado, the premium watchmaker has announced ambitious plans to release five new smartwatches running Google’s new smartwatch platform. The new watches could be launched at the Baselworld 2017 conference later in the year and are expected to ship with interchangeable straps and the full Android Wear 2.0 functionality, including Android Pay support, currently unavailable on other devices. [Read More]


Friday 3.10

Google announces Hangouts split, welcomes Meet and Chat apps 

Late in the week just as we were packing things up, Google gave us what we consider to be major news. The tech giant announced a split of its Hangouts communication service. Hangouts Meet is available now on both web and mobile, and is a totally new app designed primarily for the enterprise to help employees and coworkers enter into video conference chats using just a link. It allows up to 30 people to connect at a given time in a single chat. Hangouts Chat will be available soon, and is to be an app that utilizes basic chat services with integration of not only popular Google services such as Docs and Drive, but also third-party services such as Box, Asana, Zendesk, and Prosperworks. It’s also capable of doing all this other neat stuff. Learn more about the two apps and what will happen to the consumer-friendly Hangouts service we have come to know and love right here -> [Read More]

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