Weekly Recap: Here are all the major headlines from the week 6/5 – 6/9

The Droid Turf Weekly Recap includes all the major headlines in the Android Ecosystem over the recent week.

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Weekly Recap: 6/5 – 6/9

Monday 6.5

Amazon is thinking about launching a new smartphone named ‘Ice’ 

We’re all aware of how the Amazon Fire Phone performed once it hit the market, but Amazon thinks they can still be competitive in the smartphone segment. The company is allegedly preparing a phone running Android 7.1.1 Nougat with ‘Ice’ branding. The Ice phone is said to be in its early stages and could be aimed at developing nations such as India. The phone could end up releasing as early as Q4 of 2017 and is expected to sell for around Rs. 6,000, or approximately $93 USD. [Read More]



Tuesday 6.6

Google’s updated distribution figures for Android are out 

Several Android devices released and were updated in the second quarter. During the month of May, this helped Nougat capture a 9.5% share of all devices running Google’s software, up from just over 7% in April. Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow still account for almost two-thirds of those in the Android market, and this past month, Marshmallow overtook Lollipop as the more popular version of the OS. Later in the year we can expect to see Android O appear in the distribution of Android, but currently the next generation platform is in only a developer preview. [Read More]

OnePlus confirms OnePlus 5 launch event for June 20

On Tuesday, OnePlus confirmed that its upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone, which will be the flagship for 2017, will be announced during an event to happen online scheduled for June 20. In the company’s invitation, we are told to “Focus on what matters,” giving us the idea that OnePlus will return to the essentials with OnePlus 5. The introduction will begin at 12PM EDT next Tuesday and we’ll be covering it. [Read More]


Wednesday 6.7

Spigen accuses Essential for infringing on an important trademark 

Essential is new to the consumer electronics market and has gone out with a big bang! The company founded by one of Android’s Founders, Andy Rubin, has already announced a smartphone and smart hub for the home. However, things got a bit dark when the company received a letter in their inbox Wednesday morning from popular case and accessory maker, Spigen. Spigen has accused Essential of infringing on one of their trademarks, which is on the word ‘Essential’. Essential has been given until June 15th to respond accordingly. [Read More]

Chrome 59 debuts on Android

Chrome version 59 has made its official debut on Android. One new feature in the update is an improved JavaScript engine. This will allow pages on Chrome to load much faster. It has also lightened the package so that the Chrome app will take up less space. It’s rolling out on Google’s Play Store now. [Read More]


Thursday 6.8

Facebook has a new app for Android TV

Facebook introduced a new app designed for Android TV on Thursday. The app is totally separate from the standard Facebook app, and can be synced to the big screen from one’s phone or tablet, or run on the Android TV console itself. The interface gives users the option to watch suggested videos, their own videos or conduct a Facebook search. Users can also like a video in their feed or bookmark it to watch later. The app is live on the Play Store at this very moment. [Read More]

Nova Launcher v5.2 is officially released  

TeslaCoil put out a beta for Nova Launcher shortly after Google I/O 2017 that contained new features similar to those found in Google’s upcoming software release. The update has now gone official and is rolling out publicly. New are Notification Dots and a new Google search widget that’s rounded at the corners. The update is being administered globally right now. [Read More]


Friday 6.9

Google releases its third Android O Developer Preview 

Android O is due out later this summer, and this week the platform beta was updated for the first time over-the-air on the Android O Beta Program. The tech giant posted the system images for select Nexus and Pixel devices with the third Android O developer preview. The fourth and final preview will be available in July. With the third preview, Google also confirmed that Android O is to be version 8.0 of the mobile OS. There’s still no name, but the software feels far less buggy and way more complete with this build. Learn all there is to know about it here -> [Read More]

HTC U 11 variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage could soon release in a handful of countries 

When HTC announced the HTC U 11, the company confirmed that a 6GB RAM, 128GB storage variant would be coming later to select regions. A report from a trusted source went out on Friday that detailed which countries are to receive this HTC U 11 variant. The list entails China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. Pricing and availability is still unknown at this point for this particular model of the phone. [Read More]

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