Google is working on a new Daydream View headset for VR, here it is!

Google will hold an event in San Francisco on October 4. We know that a new pair of Pixels will be announced, as confirmed by the search giant’s first teaser video. However, Google is expected to reveal a handful of other tech gear, just as they did last year. Two days ago we reported on Google Home Mini, and yesterday, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. A recent leak has a new Daydream View VR headset for show, and it looks comfortable.

Prior to this week, a refresh of Google’s Daydream View headset wasn’t on the table. But now, it most certainty is. The leaks come from Droid-Life, who had a slew of Google leaks to report this week, and show a reminiscent Daydream View in Charcoal, Fog and Coral colors. Droid-Life claims that the VR device will be introduced during the upcoming hardware event and cost $99, a slight price bump from last year’s model which costed $79.

In the leaks, which are the first of more to come, we see three Daydream View headsets. There’s not much info to go around other than a design change, which looks cleaner featuring a slightly, more rugged material. Other than that, the exterior has remained generally the same, though there could be some under the hood changes we don’t currently know about. The colors are the exact same as those we saw of the Google Home Mini the other day, and like the home bases, the Daydream View remotes match the color of their respective unit.

The revamped Daydream View is expected to work with this year’s Pixel smartphones. You’ll need to download an app from Google’s Play Store and insert your phone into the headset for the experience. Let’s hope there are some added benefits because right now, we don’t see a valid reason to upgrade.

SOURCE [Droid-Life]

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