Google’s Android O Developer Preview 3 is live

During Google I/O 2017 last month, the tech and research giant introduced the Android O Beta Program along with Developer Preview two. We were also given a timeline of when to expect future updates to the beta. The time is now June, and Google is beginning to roll out its third Android O Developer Preview out of four. The software is no longer as buggy, but still lacks some implementations and has its share of problems.

Google has announced the first beta update and third developer preview build of its Android operating system. The company is right on pace with their plan, which is to release several developer previews earlier than usual so that manufacturers and developers can prepare the update for their devices and/or apps ahead of the public roll out. Included with this beta release, Google included the finalized APIs, which is a major leap forward, as they allow app developers to start testing apps in full swing. Full information can be seen here.

Google’s strategy with all these preview builds is to increase adoption by manufacturers. This year, the game has changed with Project Treble. This is an implementation in Android O that makes it easier for manufacturers and carriers, who will no longer need to put in as much work to platform and security patch updates. Theoretically, this should mean faster and more reliable updates for users with a skinned Android device.

The public release of Android O is expected to begin late in the month of August. Soon afterwards, Google could hold a hardware event to unveil new Pixel phones and more. The last preview build of Android O will be released in July.

If you’re aware of the features that came in the prior Android O beta release, this update will look familiar. There are a few touches and design alterations visible in the new build, but when it comes to features, not much has been added other than minor functionality additions. It’s up to us to report feedback on the platform so that Google can clean up and address any bugs or performance issues for the next beta release. Google says to expect occasional slowness and lateness in this beta platform update being administered and recommends staying away from a daily driver, because there is still much work to be done. Learn how to send Google your feedback at the Android Developers site.

Inside Android O Developer Preview 3, we notice one thing right off the bat in settings, and that is the version number 8.0. This goes as confirmation that Android O will be version 8.0 of the mobile operating system. Unfortunately, Google didn’t disclose the name of Android O through a new Easter egg, so y’all are stuck thinking about it for a little while longer. Google could announce more details regarding the name that will start with the letter “O” and represent the upcoming OS prior during the upcoming summer months.

The system images for Google’s third Android O preview are now live! The links are included near the bottom of this post. Google plans to update the preview system images and SDK regularly throughout the O developer preview cycle. As a reminder, only owners of compatible Nexus and Pixel devices can flash the new version, and doing so will cause your device to be erased. It’s not recommended by Google nor us to flash images unless you’re familiar with the process since it can be a bit cumbersome. That’s why Google introduced the Android O Beta Program last month.

The Android O Beta Program allows select Nexus and Pixel owners to enroll for over-the-air updates. Once the user opts into the program, they are instantly in. Exiting before it reaches the end of its life will result in data loss. If one stays on the program up through the public release, no data will be lost, but the occasional hiccups will be present with each preview. During the beta journey, users will still get security patches each month as normal. Supported devices include the Pixel, Pixel XLNexus 5X, Nexus 6PNexus Player, and Pixel C tablet, all of which are in the process of being updated for the first time right now. Everyone else will have to wait for the public roll out of the software.

Android O introduces a number of new features including redesigned notifications, performance and battery improvements by further restricting background data, picture-in-picture mode, new adaptive icons, auto-fill in apps, and much more! See here and here, where we’ve rounded up all the new features in Android O and how to use them.

Installation: The files are available here. Follow the instructions at your own risk and let us know what you think in the section for comments down below.

Sign-up for early updates if you have a compatible device -> [Android Beta Program]

SOURCE [Android Developers]

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