Here are new smartphones coming to Project Fi this month

Google is adding a bunch of Android smartphones to its MVNO, Project Fi. The new phones will be compatible with the network and you’ll pay for text, call and data from Google through the Project Fi service via a mobile application.

Google is expanding out its Project Fi portfolio to include some of the latest smartphones around the industry. The three models run Android Oreo, Google’s latest software. Two are high-end devices from LG and the other is a cheaper handset from Motorola. While Motorola is familiar with Project Fi having launched the successful Moto X4 on Google’s MVNO last year, these are the first devices from LG if you exclude the LG-made Nexus 5X.

LG is joining Project Fi with its flagship LG G7 ThinQ and LG V35 ThinQ. Google’s MVNO does not entail a lot of variety when it comes to high-end phones like these, so they’ll make great additions to the family. The pair will be available beginning later this month, costing $749 and $899, respectively. Compared to other carriers and the unlocked prices, these price tags are similar so you won’t be paying anything additional for the phones themselves. The G7 ThinQ came out earlier this year and just recently went up for sale in some markets, while the LG V35 is even more new and will hit shelves soon as an AT&T exclusive in the US.

The Motorola smartphone coming to Project Fi is the standard Moto G6, which already made a splash on Verizon and Amazon. This is one of the best mid-range smartphones money can buy right now and it’s the successor to last year’s successful Moto G5. The Moto G6 is very new, just like the LG phones, so props to Google for getting newer phones for the lineup, and all at the same time. The Moto G6 device is up for pre-order and Google will take $50 off what will be its retail price ($259) to make it $199 for early buyers. The release is slated for this month.

The Project Fi family now possess a total of six smartphones. The program used to be limited only to Google-branded phones, but this is no longer the case as Google wants more options for consumers. If you’re unfamiliar with how the service works, basically it combines LTE from T-Mobile and Sprint (who are soon merging) with Wi-Fi hotspots to provide voice and data services. Recently, Project Fi users have benefited from expanded international coverage and a new unlimited plan that came out to give more data for the price, as if members are not already getting a good deal with the ability to refund unused data. The unlimited plan costs $80 per month for both new and current subscribers, and there are other plans as well that may suite your needs.

With Google’s sights set on 2018, this is a promising start for Project Fi and might help the company acquire switchers from US carriers. It’ll be interesting to see if Project Fi is affected by the upcoming carrier merge and we sure hope to see Project Fi expand even further this year with more great options. The future looks bright for Project Fi and Android, and there’s great potential here. What do you think? Join us in the comments.

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