Motorola didn’t fulfill its promise to update Moto G4 with Oreo, and fans are refusing to let it slide

Last week, Motorola revealed who is to get Android 8.0, and who will not. There was one particular lineup, the Moto G4, that was not present on the “will be updated” list that got people criticizing. Why? Because Motorola had promised owners of the device Android Oreo a few years back. Today, the internet is exploding over it. Here’s why.

Like we often say, just because a company confirms the release of an Android software update, doesn’t always mean it will deliver on its promise and roll it out. Well, this is kind of the case with Moto G4, and people aren’t quite ready to let it go.

Some redound people on Twitter have made the claim that Motorola is trying to hide its promise of the Android Oreo update for Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. Apparent screenshot captures taken of the company’s website seem to confirm that Motorola is trying to fool its fans into believing that the promise of Android Oreo’s delivery was never made in the first place. The below captures show before and after banners, one with the mention of Android O and the other, now live on the manufacturer’s site, lacking the one key detail.

People never seem to forget things do they. We’re a bit upset about the news that came in the other day, but it’s truly not the end of the world. It probably would have been better if Motorola just sent out an apology, because now, whether it’s trying to hide the message or not, the rumor with apparent proof is out there going viral.

It’s not looking good for Motorola, who has been traditionally good when it comes to Android updates. This just shows how lying can be the bringer of bigger problems than simply acknowledging the truth in the first place. Look at BlackBerry and Samsung, we know they’re bad with certain updates, and so we no longer make a big deal out of it.


SOURCE [niteshg16 on Reddit]
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