NVIDIA SHIELD TV (16GB) bundled with remote now up for pre-order at $179

If you’re looking to buy NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV, the company has a new bundle consisting of only the console and remote for $179. Pre-orders are being taken now!

If you’re in the market for an Android TV and don’t care about NVIDIA’s gaming controller, a new bundle has been put up for sale just for you! Included are the console itself, which has 16GB of storage space, with addition to NVIDIA’s wireless remote.

Pre-orders for the set went live earlier this morning. You can purchase the 16GB version for just $179, which when compared with the regular package that includes NVIDIA’s game controller, is $20 cheaper. It’s a good opportunity to try Android TV and save a few bucks if you’re not into the whole gaming experience, which to be honest, isn’t that great anyway. SHIELD TV will get better with time, and boasts many advantages over the competition. See how it stacks up to popular alternatives, below.

Orders will ship once the package hits markets on October 18, which is just a short four weeks away.

For full details on what you’re getting, check the below included press release or drop a comment below this article.

Pre-order yours here!

Pre-Order NVIDIA SHIELD TV 16GB with Remote for $179!

On Thursday, September 21, pre-orders will begin for a 16GB SHIELD TV bundled with the SHIELD remote and priced at $179.

The Best in 4K Content and Movies

SHIELD TV (with remote) provides the same great performance, access to the best 4K HDR content, expandable storage, an open ecosystem of apps and games, and the power to control the experience with your voice.

Now starting at $179, SHIELD TV offers a competitive price point for those who are in the market for a high-quality streaming media player, both now and for the holidays. And it’s the perfect media streamer for those already in the Android ecosystem.

Access all your Google Play Apps, Services, and Content

All the movies, TV shows and music you’ve purchased on Google Play – or through compatible Android TV apps such as VUDU – can be streamed to the living room with the power of SHIELD. All your favorite streaming services come along for the ride as well – including Netflix, Amazon Video, HULU, Spotify, Pandora, and more, all at up to 4K HDR resolution!

Get Your Game On

Gamers need not fret. SHIELD TV still offers the most robust game content available. And the SHIELD TV with game controller and remote is still available starting at $199. For the media enthusiast, we’ll continue to offer SHIELD Pro (500GB) for $299. And if you’re looking for something in between, SHIELD TV is the only media streamer that offers expandable storage via USB, across the entire product line.

Down the road, should you decide you want to up your game, you can purchase the SHIELD controller separately.

SHIELD TV (with remote) is available for pre-order now on shield.nvidia.com for $179 and coming to select retailers soon. Pre-orders will ship October 18.

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