Sprint announces two new unlimited data plans

This week, Sprint announced via its blog not one but two new unlimited plans. It seems that no US carrier is ever settled with the plans they offer, since they constantly change. Sprint is the latest to make changes and add new plans. Things are about to get a little confusing, but we’ll try to simplify things as much as we can.

Before it merges with T-Mobile, Sprint will look to up the competition with new unlimited data plans. The new plans known as Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus will replace the older Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan. Current subscribers of this plan can keep paying for the service, but seeking customers will no longer be able to sign up with the old plan. This will go into effect any day.

As for the new plans, well, they’re actually expensive. They’re not exactly “unlimited,” which shouldn’t come at a surprise given the day in age we live in. Once the offers are all said and done, you might get less value for your buck depending on what you’re coming from. I guess what I’m trying to say is be cautious because there’s a lot of fine print. Unlimited Basic starts at $60 per month per line and Unlimited Plus costs just $10 more at $70 monthly per line. This is a bit more than the old Sprint unlimited plans.

Unlimited Basic sets a limit at standard definition video streaming and 500MB of hotspot data. Subscribers get free Hulu and 5GB of roaming data in Canada and Mexico. Adding a second line costs an extra $40 per month, and beyond there any extra lines cost $20 per month each. With Unlimited Plus, subscribers will get HD video streaming, 15GB of hotspot, Hulu, Tidal, and 10GB of roaming data for the same countries. Adding a second line costs an extra $50 per month, and beyond there any extra lines cost $30 per month each. Of course, the usual is included with both plans such as unlimited talk and text. With all the extra stuff for an extra $10 per month, I’d recommend the Unlimited Plus plan if you’re debating the two. There’s a big divide because Sprint wants to appeal to two different audiences, which I understand, but I don’t at all agree with the pricing scheme used. Both are available in stores from July 13 and will be Sprint’s only unlimited offerings moving forward. Let us know in the comments what you think of these new plans.

SOURCE [Sprint]

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