T-Mobile will soon offer a daily International Pass with 512MB of LTE data

T-Mobile announced earlier this week that will start offering a splendid little plan. The International Pass is something other carriers don’t currently offer but will surely become available for Sprint subscribers once the upcoming T-Mobile merger is complete. Starting August 1, T-Mobile customers will be able to walk into a store or go online and purchase an International Pass with 512MB of LTE data.

T-Mobile will try to one up the competition with its brand new International Pass offering. The offering will be valid in all countries T-Mobile has service including an additional 70 countries added to the carrier’s international coverage list just this week. These are the same locations one can use their T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan. The difference here is that the International Pass is a $5 per day add-on option with high-speed LTE data for times you are on foreign soil.

The International Pass includes 512MB of data. It’s valid only for one day, meaning once the day with the data session concludes, remaining data is lost. If you use up all the data in the first half of the day-long session, you cannot use anymore. There’s no throttling so this is a hard cap on the set amount. There are no other amounts, which would have been nice to see, but T-Mobile could always add a new pass with more data shall it find a price point worth selling at. You can purchase multiple days if you need, which would make sense for times when you travel abroad for a few days and know you’ll need some extra data. For just $5 per day, it sounds reasonable, though 512MB can go rather fast.

For those who travel a lot, this could help out especially if you can’t tolerate slow internet speeds. If you’re trying to get online while away, you’re probably working, and LTE can get the job done. You can purchase through your T-Mobile account for any one device (no sharing). Buyers of the International Pass also get unlimited calling in all of T-Mobile’s Simple Global countries. Think this will be worth it? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE [T-Mobile]

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