We’re looking for sponsors! Get in touch with us and share your content with tens of thousands!

Droid Turf is thrilled to announce new sponsorship opportunities of which are available! Get in touch with us directly and have your product, service or idea displayed in front of the thousands that surf DroidTurf.com each week!

Droid Turf is looking for related companies to fill open sponsorship roles. Want to partner or sponsor next month’s Droid Turf Giveaway? Want brand awareness that extends to our Connect+ Live Chat users? Want to simply share guest posts with our audiences and make Droid Turf a home for your advertisement banners? You can help us. The journey begins here.

You can start by sharing your interest and getting in touch via email. Submit whatever it is you have that you’d like to show us, and a member of our contributors team will do their best to get back to you with what we hope to supply, a sponsorship opportunity. Here’s what we’re looking for from candidates.

Connect+ Live Chat Sponsor – Apply to be the next sponsor of our Connect+ Live Chat Session(s). Sponsors will receive promotion to whatever it is they have to show to the proud users that take advantage of Droid Turf Connect+. This must be in the form of a URL and can lead to a blog, particular product, selection of services, you name it, and we’ll consider it. The link will be included at the end of each discussion once the conversation has concluded. Your direct hyperlink will be exchanged in the chat window with each reader once the session is terminated by the staff member. Please do not use Connect+ to contact us for details on this opportunity. Email us directly.

Droid Turf Giveaway Sponsor – On a near month-to-month basis, Droid Turf holds a giveaway that is powered using Gleam technology. Each giveaway is displayed in the form of a written post and is included on our front page post slider, right site sidebar, and Facebook Giveaway tab. We offer a new prize, or prizes, each month, and include a variety of ways in which readers can enter. In the past we have run Droid Turf sponsored giveaways, but are now looking for out-of-house sponsors to fill the role. Thousands of entries are received each month, and you could be next to sponsor it. You’ll have a chance at providing links to major social accounts of your very own such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more. Another offer will present a direct link to your website or blog. Readers will have to view, read about and occasionally follow you across these platforms in order to gain entry to the giveaway. Our pricing options and availability will depend on your quote and the kind of promotion you’re looking for.

Droid Turf Giveaway Partner – Droid Turf is additionally on the search for partners to provide products for our monthly giveaway. Unlike our Droid Turf Giveaway sponsorship opportunity, giveaway partners can volunteer their own products to be given away. In exchange, we’ll provide highly targeted brand awareness to the name of your organization and/or product. Giveaway partners will be able to do so using similar means as sponsors. This of course meaning that the giveaway will be displayed in front of the thousands of Android fans that visit our website and social channels each week. The giveaway will be shown in a written post to be included on our front page post slider, right site sidebar, and Facebook Giveaway tab. Giveaway partners will also have the chance at providing links to their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others, as well as their website or online marketplace. Gaining awareness for your brand starts here. We offer affordable pricing that will depend on your chosen promotional terms and product(s) of choice. The winner’s mail address will be provided to the Giveaway Partner once the open sweep-stake period concludes. Shipping must go directly to the winner with included tracking details for confirmation.

Advertiser – Droid Turf has numerous opportunities available for advertising. On our site, you’ll find a good dose of banner advertisements. Many are located on our home page sidebar, site-wide right sidebar, archive pages, post pages, and home page. Many are powered by Google AdSense, but others are actively being paid for by companies just like you. We offer competitive rates that are determined using a combination of placement, relevance, impression and page RPM, impression and page CTR, and size. Most of our ads are of a 300 x 250 resolution, however, some our responsive and will adapt to the size of one’s viewing device. Contracts can range up to two years in length or start for as short as one month, just in case you’re not satisfied with the results. We can also obey some, if not all of your personal requests. For additional advertising options such as sponsored, or guest posts, see below. All advertising inquires should be sent over to us via email, contain who you are, as well as a list of possible sizes.

All our sponsorship opportunities start at affordable rates and are bound to no long-term commitments. We can promise that you’ll be satisfied. Start small or go big; the choice is yours. All opportunities will bring large sums of targeted traffic to your showcase. The closer your brand to Droid Turf related content, the higher chance you’ll have at striking a deal with us, and the more likely you’ll benefit from any of the above stated agreements. If this sounds like you, the first step is to simply reach out to us via email at admin@DroidTurf.com. 

To keep things organized for us, please include the opportunity mentioned above in which you’re requesting, in brackets [Giveaway Sponsor], and your brand name in the subject line of each email.

Other opportunities for exposure….


We really appreciate those who send us tips. Tips can include news items such as leaks or rumors, Droid Updates screenshots, as well as news snippets and wallpapers. In We acknowledge all embargoes and occasionally reward those whose tips help out Droid Turf with compensation. View more information on tips and how/where to send them here and here.

Join our team

Do you constantly find yourself reading about the evolution of our mobile world? If so, you may want to consider a place at Droid Turf, where you’ll have a voice and be able to share your thoughts on tech with the world. Think you have what it takes? Apply by filling out our form and sending (2) 200 word sample posts. You can get in contact with us through the Join the Team page.

Droid Turf Review Service

Have something for us to review? Send us an email. Eligible products include mobile devices, cool gadgets and accessories. Services related to the content we cover may also be eligible.

When sending information about your product please put [DEVICE REVIEW] along with the name of your product and company in the subject line of each email. For services, include the same information with [SERVICE REVIEW] in the subject line.

Our team may also take a look at your mobile application. The main requirement is that your app is suitable for our generally young crowd.

To get your app reviewed by a Droid Turf contributor, please send a first look or media kit to us via email and include [APP REVIEW], the title of the app, and name of the company or developer team in the subject line of each email.

Note: We must be given time to complete reviews. We take reviews with great importance here at Droid Turf to ensure readers get quality insight on what’s being displayed.

Guest posts

Do you want to advertise your product, service, or app in front of our crowd without a review? If it pertains to our site and the material we cover, we may just permit it. These can be written by you, or us. All starts with an email. For our sake, put [GUEST POST] in the subject line along with your name in each each email.

If you spam, send repeated emails, or email us with information unrelated to anything above or below, you’ll not be responded to. If it continues over an extended period of time, you may be added to our blocking list.

Failure to comply with the subject lines may result in a longer response time. Kindly do what we mentioned to make a good impression. This tells us that you read our instructions and are a serious contender.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. Holidays, severe weather and Sundays are exceptions. We’ll do our very best to reply to everyone.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Learn more about Droid Turf and who we are here and here. Our full contact information can be seen here.

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