Droid Turf is launching Connect+, a live chat functionality available to all readers

The time has finally come. If you’re an avid Droid Turf reader who checks our blog frequently, there’s a good chance you might have stumbled upon or at least heard about Connect+. If you have and are interested, or have no idea what I’m talking about, please read on. It may be worth your time.

The Connect+ page has been accessible from the Droid Turf homepage and various other places located on our blog ever since the point in which we first launched. Over recent months, many of you reached out to us regarding the service we’re calling ‘Connect+’. Today we have some great news for you, and the remaining Droid Turf reader base.

After months of being in the testing phase, Connect+ will soon come to reality. If you’re unfamiliar with Droid Turf Connect+, you can navigate to this page or listen up real quick.

At Droid Turf we don’t take anything for granted. We like to be different, ahead of time, and willing, to offer readers benefits they would rarely find elsewhere. Connect+ we believe is just a part of our core mission, which we will soon expand even further.

Instead of following the mainstream with an audio podcast of our own, we thought it would be more beneficial to hold live chat hours. Being consumers ourselves, we know how frustrating it can sometimes be trying to get noteworthy advice and prompt answers to questions needed to be answered. With Droid Turf Connect+, this is all now possible. Thanks to overwhelming support, we’re confident in our decision to offer this near-exclusive program to our open reader base. And we think you’ll like it.

The sole purpose of Connect+ is to provide you as readers with a simple method in connecting with us. By “us” we mean the very contributors who produce the content published on this site and across various connected social channels. Think of it as technical support, for the niche in which you’re interested in, from an unbiased, yet experienced and well-knowledged source who is not the owner of the product/service in which you may be interested in. You’ll find that all Droid Turf contributors have several years of experience using the different Android platforms, have expertise of related topics, awareness of the latest happenings in the industry, and are well-equipped with the knowledge needed to answer your questions. Chat Admins will include some of our talented contributors in addition to Doug Demagistris, our current Editor In Chief. We want to hear what you’re thinking, and we want to inform you of what we’re thinking.

Droid Turf Connect+ works through means of live, one-on-one chat, that takes place over the internet and thus requires a stable internet connection. It will be open to all Droid Turf readers at the point of launch totally free of charge thanks to your support! Do note, however, that we may occasionally run into road blocks along the way, such as lack of time and/or staff members, to be able to chat with everyone who requests it.

We plan on scheduling periods of availability (1-2 hour time sessions) at the start of the program, which will be dispersed throughout the week/month. Depending on how well the service is perceived during opening months, we will either cutback, or extend the amount/duration(s) of the live chat sessions.

To back us in our development, send a small donation to Droid Turf. Every little bit really does help!

For our upcoming Connect+ schedule and full details, click here. If it has not yet been posted, then we are currently working on it. This page will always be accessible from the header menu near the top-end of our site. We’ll try to keep you posted as best we can.

For more information, contact usfollow us across social media or meet the members of the Droid Turf team. To simply learn more about Droid Turf and who we are, visit the About Us page.

**NOTE – When using the live chat or leave a message (when offline) functionality on Droid Turf, you commit to sending any information. This data is not collected by Droid Turf but may be visible to us or the plugin’s maker. Droid Turf will not share this information with anyone. For privacy concerns, carefully read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer documents.

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