Google is testing a news feed for its Play Games service

It’s not often that we hear about Google’s Play Games service, and that’s why the search giant is looking to give the app on Android a revamp. Google wants to make the app more useful for Android device owners and might soon implement a news feed to try to do so. If this update rolls out, it should be pretty big, but right now it appears to be in the testing phase.

Mobile gamers could be about to get something convenient in that of a built-in news feed for Play Games on Android. Images were captured by the folks at XDA-Developers showing what this could look like in the app, as well as some of the functions. The feed is a whole new section with a list of trending Play Store games, and gaming news. This should make it easier for developers to share news about their apps and reach customers regarding upcoming app updates and such. Users will be able to read about apps or games they do not have installed, but it looks as though news will be catered toward what one has on their device.

The news feed will act as a hub for information you need or might be interested in. Other than that, the remainder of the app looks to have remained very much the same. This is really the only big feature and beyond the articles, there isn’t much else to it. It’s kind of bare bones, but in all honesty, it doesn’t need to go all out since the app after all is for managing games not reading the news. Perhaps it’ll gain new features or abilities after more testing or for the official release.

We should learn more once the app update is announced. We don’t know when or if it ever will be, so we’ll keep you posted shall we hear more. Just a few testers are seeing the news section in their app, but hopefully everyone or most people will gain access in the future once testing concludes. All we can do for now is sit and wait. Let us know down in the comments if this interests you.

SOURCE [XDA-Developers]

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