Google Pixel 3 mentioned at AOSP, expected to debut with Android P

Google officials have mentioned what we assume will be one of the company’s flagship smartphones for 2018. We’re talking about a third-generation Pixel phone in Google Pixel 3, which was actually referenced in an AOSP commit back in early March but took till now for someone to realize. As you might come to expect, the phone should debut Android P, the next version of Google’s Android operating system.

Google’s first and second generation Pixel phones have received the first Android P Developer Preview and like in years past, the new Pixel, or Pixels, are expected to come pre-loaded with the Android version that’s get to be named after the letter ‘P’.

In the AOSP, XDA-Developers points out the device config and Auto Selection Network UI. Apparently it states HAL V_1_2 only supporting the Pixel 3. There is no particular clarity about HAL but it is expected to be related on some level to Project Treble. This could be interesting, though the future of this program is not yet certain. You should take everything with a grain of salt since we’re still a ways from getting a new phone from Google and things could certainty change.

In case you’re wondering, HAL refers to Hardware Abstraction Layer. Essentially, it bridges the gap between the Android OS and Android hardware such as a phone. In this case, HAL is referenced to the Radio HAL. So, Google Pixel 3 might feature a special type of radio not currently present in other phones. I’m all up for something new and whatever Google has cooking here, and you should be too.

Radio HAL can work with the new NetworkScan API in Android P, which can solve a big problem of Android in battery draining by scanning for cellular networks. This would be a nice addition to what we already know but right now it’s nothing more than speculation, and there are no other clues nor hints at hardware or features yet.

Google could launch as many as three Pixel phones this year including a mid-range model in July or August. Pixel 2 had some drawbacks and didn’t sell in the quantity many had hoped to see, so it’ll be interesting nevertheless to see what Google does for Pixel 3. I want to get excited, but there’s still much waiting to do. At least we have reason to predict Google will come out with Pixel 2 successors and one will be named Pixel 3. If you have any thoughts, drop em’ in the comments below.

SOURCE [XDA-Developers]

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