Moto Z2 Force, 360 Camera Moto Mod now available, Moto Gamepad Mod goes up for pre-order

A few weeks back, Lenovo’s Motorola held an event to announce upcoming hardware. The most enticing new product showed off during the event was Moto Z2 Force, a new flagship smartphone for 2017. Today, the Moto Z2 Force has begun shipping, and it as well as its compatible 360 Camera Moto Mod are now available in the US.

Moto Z2 Force, the company’s flagship handset, is now purchasable unlocked, on Verizon, on AT&T, on T-Mobile, on Sprint, and at US Cellular. Popular retailers including Best Buy are also selling the device, indicating a full roll out in the states across the board, one of Motorola’s very first. Pricing will vary by carrier between $720 and $810 full retail. A few colors are available in most places and buyers can get a free Moto Insta-Share Projector Mod if they act quick and buy the phone.

The Moto Z2 Force wasn’t the only piece of tech announced during Hello Moto World 17. 360 Camera Moto Mod was introduced and even went up for pre-order shortly after the event’s closing. The modular attachment is compatible with both of last year’s Moto Z phones with addition to the new Moto Z2 Force and Moto Z2 Play. The mod retails for $299 and is also available starting today.

Also announced at the event were the Moto Gamepad Mod and new JBL SoundBoost 2 Mod. The GamePad Moto Mod has gone up for pre-order priced at $79. It’s available exclusively from Verizon. Likewise, the new SoundBoost 2 Mod is a Motorola and Verizon exclusive. However, units of the mod colored in Red will be exclusive to only Verizon customers, and are not yet live on the carrier’s site. The others have gone up for sale now with Moto Z2 Force and the 360 Camera Mod on the manufacturer’s website. Moto Gamepad Mods will ship starting August 25 once units are made available to consumers.

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