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Android Oreo will finally hit Moto Z and Galaxy S7 smartphones on Verizon “in a few weeks”

June 4, 2018 Doug Demagistris

If you own a Moto Z or Galaxy S7 smartphone on Verizon, I give you full credit for holding your breath on Android Oreo. Unlike some other carriers in the US who rolled out the update for these devices many months ago, Verizon is yet to do so and has told owners of these devices many times that the update is coming. After a long wait, the update is almost ready and will release “in a few weeks.”

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Motorola has another smartphone in the works, the Motorola One Power

May 30, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Motorola might have a busy summer season planned with a variety of Android smartphones seemingly on their way. We’re talking about new Moto Z3 phones, a possible Moto X5, new Moto Mods, and now an unconfirmed Motorola One Power. This is the first time we’ve heard of such a device, and it won’t be your typical Motorola or Lenovo smartphone.

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Rumors, leaks, teasers

Official renders of the Moto Z3 Play have surfaced, announcement coming shortly

May 30, 2018 Doug Demagistris

We can’t be far off an announcement of Moto Z3 Play. After not leaking for some time, we passed along a render yesterday. Today, what appear to be official renders have spilled all over the internet. Despite being unconfirmed by Motorola and Lenovo, the device could be announced any day now.

Carrier News

Lenovo’s Moto G6 is now available at Verizon

May 28, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Motorola introduced a trio of new Moto G6 smartphones in April (G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play) and today, one model and color has gone up for sale at Verizon. As we’ve seen in the past with Moto G5 Plus and Moto G handsets before it, Verizon is always first to carry Lenovo’s mid-range successors.

Droid Updates

Droid Updates Weekly 5/21 – 5/25: Which Android devices were updated this week?

May 27, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Our guess is that most of you have a smartphone if you’re reading this. Being smartphone owners ourselves, we’re always interested in knowing when a smartphone gets updated. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have this all in one place? That’s why we created our ‘Droid Updates’ Weekly Series.

Rumors, leaks, teasers

The front of the Lenovo Z5 is entirely screen

May 18, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Maybe we should stop saying 85% screen-to-body ratio is good because something more striking might be on the horizon. A rumored device from Lenovo namely the ‘Lenovo Z5’ posses an unprecedented 95% screen-to-body ratio. This is beyond impressive, but as you might expect, an all screen front comes with some caveats. Let’s take a look at what these are.

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