The future of Google’s Nexus devices is unknown


With the recent unveiling of Google’s third handset, Pixel, one big question remains, and that is what the future will be for the Nexus hardware line.

This Nexus line has been particularly extensive, offering a number of phones, tablets and media players. Google has commented on the situation according to Android Police, and they have confirmed no plans for future Nexus products, which may mean this is the beginning of an indefinite hiatus.

The Nexus campaign went through much iteration and change, but it seemed that its existence was primarily for Google to provide a sample for how Android devices should be designed and operate. Nexus devices were also always the first devices to get new versions of Android on release and that trend will continue on Google’s Pixels.

While the Nexus line was enticing, it was largely received by tech enthusiasts and often went unnoticed by the general public. What also hindered the Nexus’ success was that availability was limited to only Google, as opposed to a more traditional way through a carrier. This was the case for most, not all. Other handsets on the market were on par if not more viable alternatives, and they were available to purchase through your local carrier or retail stores.

Well, there you have it, the end to a generation could be upon us. With that said, a new one is just beginning, and we look forward to future success for Google and its new Pixel devices.

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